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We are thrilled to invite you to explore our new, exquisitely curated Summer and Winter Menus . Each of these menus is a vivid tapestry of colours and flavours, meticulously crafted to complement the specific charms of the season and elevate your festive occasions.

Whether you are planning a radiant sunlit summer wedding or a warm, cosy winter gathering, our culinary offerings are designed with the utmost care to ensure that every detail contributes to making your event truly unforgettable. Dive into our seasonal selections, where each dish promises not just a meal, but a unique dining experience.  Join us in celebrating life’s milestones with menus that are sure to impress and delight all your guests.

Spring / Summer

Welcome to the vibrant flavors of summer at Ginger Snap. Our Summer Menu is inspired by the lush landscapes and bountiful harvests of Cumbria during its most radiant season. 

Featuring ingredients sourced from our own farm and local suppliers, each dish celebrates the freshness and brightness that only summer can bring. From delicate salads with freshly picked herbs to succulent grilled meats and light, refreshing desserts, our menu is designed to complement the warm weather and festive spirit of your summer gatherings.

Autumn / Winter

Embrace the cosy warmth of winter with Ginger Snap’s Winter  Menu. As the Cumbrian landscape transforms under a blanket of snow, our kitchen buzzes with the rich aromas of slow-cooked comforts and hearty feasts. 

The Autumn / Winter season highlights robust flavours and root vegetables harvested from our farm, alongside sustainably sourced meats and warming desserts. Perfect for festive celebrations or intimate winter evenings, our dishes are crafted to warm the heart and nourish the soul during the colder months.

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Gosford House

Gosford House in East Lothian is an exclusive wedding venue, offering a limited number of unique and intimate receptions each year. The two-tier Marble Hall, with its stunning exterior balconies, provides an ideal setting for your ceremony, alongside outdoor options for tailor-made nuptials.

Despite its grandeur, Gosford maintains a cosy, family-home atmosphere, suitable for both small and large celebrations. The main Dining Room accommodates up to 100 guests, with the adjacent Octagon Room seating an additional 48. For a more rustic feel, the Saloon offers a charming space for evening festivities. For larger gatherings over 150 guests, a marquee can be set up on the rear lawn, ensuring seamless access to the house’s public rooms during your event.

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