Our Ethos at Gingersnap

At Gingersnap, we are driven by a commitment to sustainability and excellence in catering. We believe in the power of local, seasonal British produce to not only enhance the flavour of our dishes but also to minimize our environmental impact. 

Our philosophy is rooted in the principles of sourcing locally first, extending to regional and national suppliers as needed, to ensure the freshest, most flavourful ingredients. 

We are dedicated to reducing food miles, supporting local economies, and providing our clients with the best of British cuisine. This approach allows us to offer menus that are not only delicious but also ethically sound, reflecting our respect for nature and passion for culinary innovation.

British seasonal produce

We believe passionately in British seasonal produce, nature and the environment. Our ethos is to source as much produce as possible firstly locally, then regionally and then nationally.

This means that the food we use for each event is even riper, more flavoursome and honestly, much tastier. Yes, we do use a few non-British ingredients, but would you really forgive us if we took chocolate off the menu?  We are inspired by foods and ingredients from all over the world, but we believe British is best.

James grew up immersed in farming and the countryside, believing in the best rearing of animals alongside the best cooking of produce. It’s this approach to the sourcing of ingredients and caring about the origins that allows us to continually reduce our impact on nature. Less transportation. Less refrigeration. More flavour.

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Harvesting Sustainability

With this in mind, in 2021 we moved Ginger Snap (and our young family) to a working farm where we intend to offset our impact on the environment as much as possible. We are planting more trees and hedges and an orchard of traditional fruits such as apples and plums. Our hedgerows are bursting with damsons, sloes and haws. Our fields are filled with herbs like sorrel, lady’s smock and sweet cicely and our woods are rife with wild garlic, primrose and mushrooms. We dry, pickle, ferment and preserve as much as possible to use out of season, meaning there is very little waste.

To us there is nothing more exciting than the change of seasons, with nature offering a new bounty every month of the year. We are true believers in indulging whilst in season, and cannot wait for you to try our food.

Tania & James

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Ginger Snap: Culinary Excellence for Every Celebration

Discover the taste of passion and sustainability with Ginger Snap. We’ve been enhancing events with unforgettable, locally-sourced British cuisine for over 15 years. From our family-run farm, we craft meals that make gatherings special. Let our experienced chefs make your next event a memorable feast.

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